Welcome to Freesoul Photography. I started taking photos just over two years ago and have slowly been learning the way of the lens. My photos are of everything and anything whilst travelling and working around the UK. You can learn more about my 'alternative' lifestyle at: The Freesoul Project.

I currently use a Sony A600 camera with a small selection of lenses, I aim to upgrade to a full frame Sony A7ii in the near future.

My images are a collection of urban, countryside and coastal landscapes. I try not to use too much post processing in my work to keep a more natural feel to the collections.

All urban, coast and country images are available to purchase in 7" x 5" prints without watermark. Images in the collection range are available in larger sizes, all images are high quality at 300 dpi or above.

Please feel free to contact me using the Contact Page

A photo of Dan Nicholas, photographer.

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